Far East Consulting Engineers Limited
Extent of professional services
The Company provides comprehensive design and documentation services in collaboration with clients, their architects and engineers. The Company also provides engineering staff for site supervision. Our services can be outlined as follows:
  • Data investigation and information gathering
  • Preliminary design and budget estimation for client's approval
  • Detail design as required
  • Internal design review
  • Submission to authorities with jurisdiction over the design and securing necessary approvals
  • Preparation of the required tender documents to enable competitive tenders for the execution of the works to be obtained
  • Analysis of tenders and making recommendations
  • Preparation of contract documents and contract management
  • During the construction period, providing periodic supervision inspect the work to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the design criterion and specifications
  • Issue variation orders, if required, check and approve progress payment claims submitted by the contractors as the work proceeds
  • At the completion of the installation, carrying out final inspections, issuing any deficiency list and recommending a date of practical completion for the purpose of finalizing the contract.

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