Far East Consulting Engineers Limited
Company Vision and Mission




FAR EAST CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED, is a services-oriented company who aims to provide services exceeding every client’s expectations. Our service, expertise and experience allow us to have an edge over the others in this field of business.
We have given and will continue to give our clients advice which are technically sound and state-of-the-art. We will endeavor to establish further our business as a leader in this strongly competitive field, seeking to bring science and art of engineering into a new era and strive for engineering excellence in all our projects.
We provide various consultancy services in areas such as residential, commercial, health-care etc. We aim to improve people's quality of life through the development in different areas, shaping Hong Kong into a better place.
Our Company pledges to adopt the Corporate Social Responsibility principles. During business practices, we will maintain a high ethical standard, comply with laws and regulations as well as take environmental and social interest into consideration.
With our clear vision and mission, our Company is capable of developing its business successfully, paving way to a bright future ahead.

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